Unleash Curiosity with the Latest Science Kits!

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Volcano Kit

Let your little one be the paleontologist as they learn about fossils through this fun hands on activity.

My 4 year old absolutely loved digging up sting rays, orcas, hammer head sharks, to name a few. This is the Ocean Animals Dig Kit from National Geographic.

This kit comes with 12 seashells but options include dinosaur eggs and gold bars. This would make for a great birthday party activity!

For a smaller sized dig kit, NationalGeographic carries gemstone digs, dinosaur fossils, etc.

Ocean Animals Dig Kit

Building a volcano and then letting it erupt, never grows old. Ignite the curiosity of young learners and pair this activity with a virtual field trip to a real active volcano.

Sensory Kit

Sensory experiences for little kids is so important for their development. This Sensory Science Kit is so much fun with everything from slime to hydrophobic sand.