Empower Your Child's Future with Literacy Activities for Young Children!

An easy way to practice printing letters. Simply add some sugar to a tray and write with your finger.

Alphabet Practice

Free resources are everywhere, you just need to know where to look. Pinterest boasts an endless amount of free activities for kids. If you search by hash tag you can narrow down pins like this one below #alphabetpractice using simple household items.

You can also search by hashtag on other popular social media channels or join groups on Facebook with like-minded parents eager to share ideas with each other.

Exploring Nature's Classroom: Phonics Edition

Step away from the screens, because today we embarked on a magical journey through the great outdoors to learn phonics like never before!

Letter Hike: We spotted hidden treasures in the leaves, identifying 'H' sounds in chirping birds and rustling leaves. Nature truly is the best teacher!

Rainbow of Vowels: As we strolled by the lake, we found colors reflecting in the water. Each color represented a different vowel sound. Who knew phonics could be this enchanting?

Word Scavenger Hunt: My little explorer eagerly searched for nature-themed words starting with the same letter. From "butterfly" to "bark," they honed their phonics skills while connecting with the wilderness.

Animal Phonics: Every creature we encountered became a phonics lesson waiting to happen. From the 's' in squirrel to the 'b' in buzzing bees, we marveled at the language of the wild! 🐿️🐝

Nature, you're our favourite teacher! Learning phonics amidst the beauty of the outdoors reminds us that education can happen anywhere. Share your own outdoor learning adventures using Nature Phonics, and let's inspire more nature lovers to embrace the magic of words and the world around us.